Professional Services


Important note - possible limitations to availability in October:
Professional services will most likely be limited during the month of October due to the QLD state elections. I will be volunteering for the LNP campaign during this time to help have the ban lifted on hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Professional Services:
If it involves electricity or electronics, chances are I can fix it. Just ask me.
• Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.
• Electrical.
• Computer services.

Location and service areas:
• Based in Eastern Heights (Ipswich).
• Services promoted to Ipswich and outer areas.
• Services available to Brisbane areas.

Do And Charge:
The best value for money.
Rates (Travel and labour):
$100 minimum charge
$80/h for up to 4 hours
$70/h for 5 or more hours
Parts additional.

All reasonable questions will be answered. If you're unsure of something, just ask!
• Remote quotes are free. Send your details and photos by SMS or email.
• On site quotes in the immediate local area (Eastern Heights and adjacent suburbs) are free.
• On site quotes requiring travel (up to 30 minutes one way) require payment to book an appointment.
• Small jobs are usually fixed price. Larger jobs offer the potential for best value for money.

Airtasker (Contact me directly if you need services!)

Phone or Message Andrew - 0421164224 (No telemarketers).
Located in Eastern Heights (Ipswich).

Pricing varies, just ask for a quote. Value for money is assured. You can be certain that the pricing won't cost any more than the amount quoted (unless underlying defects are found or repairing appliances / equipment).

"Oh but I found someone who can do it much cheaper":
I assure you value for money, strive for low overheads and cost effective operation, and have to cover my core running costs. I assure you of a fair deal with a warranty on parts (if supplied) and labour. Some competitors can do work at rates comparable to employee wages, and often go broke as they forget to factor in their running costs. If a competitors price is too good to be true, it probably is. Issues from dirt cheap providers include (but not limited to) fly by night services with a tail light warranty, closure of business due to financial reasons, the use of stolen parts, and even the incorrect or no licence.

Terms and conditions:
• After hours and weekends may cost more.
• Parts I supply include warranty (I fix it for free if it fails).
• Parts you supply means it is up to you to chase up warranty issues with the supplier.
• My workmanship is guaranteed.
• A deposit for parts is required unless otherwise specified.
• Flexible payment options available on labour at no extra cost if you let me know beforehand. ID and written agreement required.
• Additional recovery costs and limitations apply if full payment is not received and reminders are unsuccessful.
• Parts are mine until whole balance is paid in full.

• ABN: 86 951 539 282
• Electrical Contractor Lic# 75647
• ARCTick Lic# L128108 & AU46090
• Hydrocarbon refrigerant Lic# H31294 (only for installing or repairing existing certified hydrocarbon devices)
• Data Cabling (TITAB) Lic# T46793
• Computer services fall under handyman category except for hardware repairs involving 240V mains power, which is electrical.

Don't risk it to someone pretending to be an electrician / air conditioning technician!

Book an appointment:
Use of the following button is a part payment towards the works you require, or an on site quote which requires travel (as listed above). Additional charges (travel, parts, and labour) apply where relevant.
Include your name, phone number, address, email, and a description of the works you need done. Photos are helpful.