Other research:
Fundamental Energy & Research also conducts other tests, such as the impact of dirty electricity on electrical equipment, energy efficiency, and weeding out inferior electrical products that have slipped through the cracks of Australian Standards testing.

Sustainable battery charging:
Did you also know about the Bedini type battery chargers? Although effective, these battery chargers are expensive and limited in capacity. The plans available on the internet are hit and miss, should you decide to build your own. Leave it in the hands of someone in the know, who could potentially integrate such a system into an off-grid system using used car batteries!
Most car batteries only last 2 - 3 years before they lose their ability to hold charge and require replacement. This proven battery charging method changes that, allowing for a significantly longer battery life (depending on charging modulation).

Rain making:
Say what!? Apparently the technology is there, it's just being held back by greedy people. 

Everyone is squawking about the lack of rain and I have a potential lead, but Fakebook won't allow me to run a fundraiser, simply saying that they are not supporting the category at this stage. In a digital environment, I find this hard to believe - more like censorship.

I'll spell it out simply: Negative ion generation. Other people have built such apparatus and studies show that it works, I suspect they don't have enough surface area to be of any use. I have my own ideas to increase surface area in a small space and turbocharge it to beyond.

Generic boost driver board and coil:
A concept circuit board, suitable for hydrogen gas generation, pulsed battery charging, and generation of high voltage.
This will be available for sale once the prototype has been tested and developed to varying degrees.