Free Energy Research:

Many people claim to have devices / systems that produce more power than they consume. At face value, the idea sounds far fetched, but think of your household air conditioner. Here is a photo of the sort of example of an air conditioner I installed previously:

An air conditioner pumps gases to move heat from an external source. This air conditioner example consumes up to 1.39KW of electrical power while producing up to 6KW of heat.

If you live outside of QLD, ask your air conditioner installer for a Pioneer Air branded air conditioner as these offer superior performance and cheaper running costs compared to the junk usually sold in shops.

Other examples of free energy systems include self propelling permanent magnet motors and gravity motors.

These are images only of magnet motors and may not represent actual working systems.

Two devices from the same inventor. One is rigourously promoted and is clearly a fake, the other really works and is easy to replicate, but is neglected.
Can you work out which is fake and which is real? I met the inventor in 2007. I know with absolute certainty that one of these devices works - I've seen it work. I filmed the video which the editing files and original render are currently on an old hard disk drive.
The Chas Campbell snooker ball wheel - it apparently harnesses gravity to function. The problem is being able to regulate the speed as it continually increases in speed and snooker balls literally start flying across the room. It does work. I filmed the video and saw this running first hand.

This is heavily promoted over the internet as being able to produce more power than it consumes. Clearly, it is only for brief bursts of power, not an average output. Free energy? No chance.

Some of these concepts / devices are real, many are fake. The air conditioner offers a glimmer of hope, showing a Coefficiency Of Performance greater than 1.