Linux computer services - a stable system that few mainstream computer technicians are willing to offer:
If you're not computer savvy, tired of the problems with Windows operating system, live in Ipswich, and need an extra hand with your computer, this is for you.

Windows 7 has reached its end of life.
Windows 10 updates are plagued with problems with each update.
Have you considered Linux? It is a bit like Android but for your computer. It can run some Windows apps but there are Linux native alternatives available.

You can work with documents in Linux that were prepared on a Windows computer. You can even set up your computer so that you can choose either Linux or Windows when you first switch on the computer.

Windows -> Linux

Screenshots / Linux in action:
Manjaro KDE - see for more information and more screenshots. You can even download and install the distro yourself if you're computer savvy! If you're not sure of how to get it working for you, my services are available.

Manjaro GRUB (Linux or Windows)
If you need to choose between Linux and Windows when you first start the computer (dual boot), the GRUB (pictured above) is the menu you would be presented with.

Recently used programs
It looks easy enough to use!

App repositories
That resembles the app stores on mobile phones!

Dolphin File Manager
Some subtle differences. The drives aren't labelled like "C:", they have volume names instead. Volumes 1 & 2, and Basic data partition are NTFS formatted and work perfectly in Linux which normally uses the EXT4 file system.

WPS Writer
WPS Office - the closest resemblance to Microsoft Office, and is fully compatible with Office files.

WPS Spreadsheets
WPS Office - the closest resemblance to Microsoft Office, and is fully compatible with Office files.

WPS Presentation
WPS Office - the closest resemblance to Microsoft Office, and is fully compatible with Office files.

Adobe Acrobat on Manjaro Linux
Some (not all) Windows programs can be run in Linux, either through Crossover or WINE. Shown here is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC running through Crossover.

Runs old MSDOS games
If you've got the time for video games (I don't but maybe you do), it is possible to run the old MS DOS (early Microsoft) and 16 bit Windows (early Microsoft) games on Linux through Crossover (which calls up DOSBox for you)! You can't do this in Microsoft Windows 10!

My background in computers:
Before I got into the electrical game, I was good with fixing computers in the late 90's / early 2000's, but I got offered a job in electrical when I was able to fix TVs and VCRs around the same time.

From what I am hearing, both the IT and electrical markets have saturated out. Some research leads me to believe there is an opening in offering Linux based computer services as there doesn't seem to be many providers offering the sort. 

Electrical and air conditioning are my main qualifications but if I can diversify some computer work into the mix and be a bit more selective of electrical jobs, it might work well for me. Electrical work isn't as profitable as it used to be, but I will be maintaining my licences.

The services I offer:
• Virus removal (Windows).
• Software.
• Hardware (installation / upgrades and repairs, monitors, power supplies).
• System installations.
• Data backup.
• Linux setup (user friendly and more reliable than Windows).
• Long range networking.

You'll need to make sure your data is backed up. I can perform this task if you need to, but you are responsible for your data. If you're not sure of your data backup needs, buy a 1TB or 2TB portable hard disk drive and I'll prepare it for you. I'll need a checklist of the software you use to ensure the conversion will suit your needs or if you need a dual boot system instead (choose either Linux or Windows each time you turn on the computer).

Pricing information and getting in contact:
Minimum charge: $100
Half day (~4 hours): $150, Full day (~8 hours): $250. Travel additional, price on request.
Linux (Operating System and the App Repositories) is generally comprised of free software, although some software purchases may be necessary so you'll need a Paypal or Credit / Debit card.

Phone / Message Andrew 0421164224.
I come to you.